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The Book Bakers

  The Book Bakers
Literary Consultancy

The Book Bakers is a literary services company which serves as a catalyst for authors & publishers to bring their ideas to fruition by offering a full menu of services under one roof to assist them in having their stories and manuscripts published. 

The Book Bakers offer a range of literary services to both the authors and the publishers as a package or as an individual service to facilitate complete project development wherein each proposal is tailored to the specific client requirement in order to make each relationship efficient, time bound and cost effective.

The Book Bakers' range of services include:

EDITING: Prune, trim and edit to develop a high-quality manuscript baked to perfection for publishing.

PROOF READING: So that the baked manuscripts do not collapse or develop lumps

BOOK COVER DESIGN, ILLUSTRATIONS, ARTWORK: Design book covers to profile the target audience with appropriate artwork and illustrations of high design standards.

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: Research and improvise to make the manuscripts read better.

MARKETING THEMES: Articulate marketing themes for the book for correct positioning.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Create visibility and promote the book on various social media platforms.

TRANSLATIONS: Help translate manuscripts to or from English, Hindi and Urdu.

TESTIMONIALS: Facilitate strategic forewords, blurbs, blogs and reviews.

VIDEOS TRAILERS: Special and professionally made videos and trailers to promote the book on YouTube and social media platforms.

BRANDING & PROMOTIONS: Suggest and source freebies, branding/promotional giveaways and merchandise to create brand awareness, hype and to promote the book at special events, exhibitions, book shops and at book launches etc.

As LITERARY AGENTS, we accept manuscripts for evaluation and submission to publishers.

We provide efficient value based literary services as mentioned in our profile to assist those authors who may need them as individual services or as a package and to those authors who are looking to self publish their books or publish traditionally.

We also offer the same set of services to publishers who may be keen to have The Book Bakers operate as an extension of their own organisations and outsource literary services to us.